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Joe Mallozzi talks ‘Dark Matter’ cliffhanger, ‘Stargate’ revival

Stargate may not be done. Dark Matter probably is. But Joe Mallozzi continues to giving fans the sci-fi shows that they crave.

News that Dark Matter had been cancelled hit the cast, crew, and fans like a ton of bricks. It wasn’t quite as bad as when Mount Vesuvius destroyed Pompeii and Ercolano, but the emotions were raw and real. Joseph Mallozzi explains why he revealed Dark Matter‘s unproduced fourth series on Twitter, and comments on his hopes for a revival of his sci-fi favorites.

What are the Dark Matter Tweets Joe Mallozzi is posting on Twitter?

The tweets I was posting last night were a rundown of what I had planned to kick off “Dark Matter’s” fourth season. Specifically, last night’s tweets covered the first act of Episode 4.01.

Why is Joseph Mallozzi posting these Dark Matter scenes on Twitter?

To be honest, it’s a form of therapy for me to finally be able to reveal what I had planned. It was incredibly frustrating not to be able to finish my story and revisit these characters. I’m sure plenty of fans shared this frustration so these rundowns are a small way of offering everyone some form of closure.

Does Joe Mallozzi hope that fan responses to the Tweets could lead to a “Dark Matter” revival?

There is always that hope but, realistically, it gets harder and harder as more time passes. But who knows? Perhaps the renewed online interest will spur some studio executive to reach out.

What do “Dark Matter” fans means to Joe Mallozzi?

At the heart of “Dark Matter,” like the “Stargates,” is the notion of family, the idea that, despite disparate views and conflict, your family members have your back. Fandom is an extension of that idea, something that was fully realized with the incredible support the series received both during its run and following its cancellation.

Are networks transparent with fans? Similarly, do fans have fair expectations about the business realities behind shows like Stargate and Dark Matter?

I think fans have perfectly fair expectations. If they support a show and that support translates into viewers, then they should be rewarded with further seasons. In the case of “Dark Matter” fans, we weren’t. In the case of The Expanse fans, it looks like they may not either – but who knows. As a sci-fi fan, I’m rooting for them.

What is the status of the effort to revive “Stargate”?

The revive “Stargate” campaign is on hold. Really, it was a campaign to let MGM know that whatever form that new fourth “Stargate” series takes, it should not be a reboot that dismisses 17 years of television fans have supported over these many years. It wouldn’t be that hard to create a new series that offers a jumping on point for new fans while rewarding longtime fans as well.

The fact that the studio didn’t even acknowledge the fan efforts was disappointing and, I think, will make a lot of the existing Stargate fanbase particularly critical when that fourth series is released. A blown opportunity.

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I have the reboot for sg1
Ties all 3 series together
Sees the return of the Asguard
Will give for free 2 part 4 hour pilot .
Will supply 3 solid years of episodes and
1 script for feature movie ( stargate)
New shop designs
New allies
New threat

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