10 questions with Alex Mallari Jr.

Alex Mallari Jr. is a talented actor best known for his performance as Four / Emporer Ryo Ishida on Dark Matter.

Welcome! Before we begin, would you tell us a little bit about yourself and the role you played on Dark Matter

My name is Alex Mallari Jr. and I am the Filipino guy from Toronto that was fortunate enough to play Four (aka Emperor Ryo Ishida)!

How did you first find out about the role for your character and what are the first memories that come to mind as you look back on your audition?

Doug Patterson was my agent at the time and I remember him telling me that I had a very short amount of time to tape my audition and send it in to casting.

The most important memory I have of that entire process was receiving a call from my agent and manager while I was at my part-time job at LA Fitness (I was a front desk receptionist). I was obviously not allowed to pick up any personal phone calls but when my agent calls, I pick up!

I remember leaving the desk to take the call outside.

Long story short, Doug told me I booked the role and there I was in the parking lot just crying it out. 

Describe Joe Mallozzi to people who may be unfamiliar with him. What makes him a good showrunner?

Joe Mallozzi is the sharpest dressed man in any room that he walks into. Look for the man with the three piece suit and that’s probably Joe Mallozzi.

Joe Mallozzi is a prolific sci-fi producer best known for “Stargate” and “Dark Matter.” Photo provided by Joe Mallozzi

What makes him a good showrunner is that he knows his material. He can, and will, answer any question(s) you have for him which allows you to be more truthful in your performance.

Best of all, he listens. He listens to his team and to the audience.

Whatever that man touches is surely going to be worth watching.

Which cast member is least like their character? 

I’m definitely the least like my character.

I think everyone would agree with this.

Four/Ryo is this stoic badass who’s typically serious. Meanwhile, I’m this big kid who laughs at most things and struggle with being serious. 

Alex Mallari Jr., Anthony Lemke, Roger Cross, and Trevor Finn) show craft server Cathy some love behind the scenes of ‘Dark Matter.’ Credit: Joe Mallozzi.

If forced to choose, what single scene are you most proud of?

As an individual actor, I would say my scene with Two in the third season where I tell her about her daughter is the one I’m most proud of. 

Which Dark Matter episode most represents the entire cast and crew firing on all cylinders?

That’s a tough one to answer but I think the “Groundhog Day” episode would be a solid choice.

I wasn’t in that episode but I’d say it represented both cast and crew so well.

I loved that episode!

Where were you when you found out Dark Matter had been cancelled and what was your thought process in the aftermath?

Ironically enough, I think I was in my hotel room at SDCC.

I was crushed when I heard the news. It was a tough pill to swallow knowing that the people who I spent the majority of my days with (literally) for the last three years weren’t going to be my “everyday people” anymore.

You’ve got to understand, we were family and it was always good vibes with everyone.

Creating with those people was a dream that I ever wanted to end.

Did the cast have a consensus favorite set to work on?

The bridge. Hands down. 

Zoie Palmer filming a scene of ‘Dark Matter’ on the cast-favorite set of the Raza bridge. Credit: Joe Mallozzi.

Tamsen McDonough of Killjoys asks, “I would be very curious to know if he has any tips for dancing while eating a Big Mac?”

1. Tamsen must be present;

2. Tons of beer;

3. Be in London with the most amazing fans in the same room. 

Ceresis64 asks, “In Dark Matter, what was your favorite line of dialogue?”

Season one: Four approached a man he was about to kill with his sword. The man says something about having a wife and children.

What does Four say?

“They can do better.” STAB!

Let’s pretend Dark Matter received an order for a final season and Mallozzi asked you for help with an episode in which you go back in time to fix one your character’s poor decisions. Which decision would you correct, at what point in the story would you return, and which member of the Raza would you approach for help?

I would ask Five and the Android to help me go back in time so that Four doesn’t download his memories.

Zoie Palmer and Jodelle Ferland behind the scenes of ‘Dark Matter.’ Credit: Joe Mallozzi.

I would go back, take the memories I had in my possession and ask the Android to either store or destroy the device the memories were in.

I would return immediately, I think.

I know Teku would probably tell Four everything he needed to know.

Special thanks to Joe Mallozzi and Tom Gardiner for multimedia contributions.

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