Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Corin Nemec and Stargate

The longer I worked on the show, the more fun and exciting it became. The bonds became tighter and relationships of the characters more interesting.

There are plenty of Corin Nemec movies and TV shows, but one fan base in particular claims him as their own. Nemec brought the character of Jonas on Stargate to life when Michael Shanks departed the series. He even invented Jonas’s perk of eating all of the time. In what won’t come as a surprise to those who know him, Nemec wasn’t bitter when Shanks reprised his role as Daniel Jackson on Stargate: SG-1.

When did Corin Nemec fall in love with acting?

It was the movie “Goonies.” My father was the Art Director in that film and after seeing it, knowing what life was like on set, knowing how much fun the actors had making that movie, I just had to do it too.

What is Venice High?

The book can be purchased at and searching the title “Venice High,” mine should appear at the top. It is what I call a “scripted novel” due to the style the book is formatted in.

I was compelled to write it because my early teens were spent immersed in the graffiti scene in LA. My experience was so wild, I wanted to find a soft way to share it with others, so I decided to write a fictional story drawn from real life experience and put it out there in the universe!

Did Corin Nemec feel pressure joining Stargate as a new cast member?

There was not so much pressure as excitement.  The cast, crew, and creative team were so down to earth, they made walking into their world as easy as it could be. It was a dream job, really.

How did Corin Nemec audition for the role of Jonas on Stargate?

ActuaIly, I did not audition but I did submit my acting reel. It was a right place/right time moment. I was at MGM auditioning for a different project and bumped into the casting directors for “Stargate”; from there it was a miracle of fortune. God bless “Stargate!”

How did Corin Nemec get along with other Stargate actors?

The longer I worked on the show, the more fun and exciting it became. The bonds became tighter and relationships of the characters more interesting. I just would have loved to do more!

Brad Bourbina of Pittsburg, KS, asks, “Whose idea was it for Jonas to be eating constantly — yours, the writers, or the directors? That was a GREAT little quirk of the character.”

That eating thing was my idea! I figured since Jonas was from a different planet that his relationship with food would be very important.

How did Corin Nemec feel when he learned that Michael Shanks was returning to Stargate?

Michael Shanks originated with that show, his return was very welcome. Though of course disappointed, I still was happy for Michael. Being an actor on a great show like “Stargate” is the best life ever.

Who is one of the most talented directors Corin Nemec worked with on Stargate?

All the directors shared equal talent. “Stargate” is a huge show to direct and it is not for the short of talent. Peter Deluise was surely a favorite to work with, he was always a crackup and he approved of my eating a banana in outer space in one episode.

What does Corin Nemec think Jonas would be like in a Stargate reboot?

Jonas was president of Kelowna until the Goauld blew up his planet. Hopefully he made it through their Stargate before incineration.

Corin Nemec is active on Twitter discussing political topics. What does he think could politicians learn from SG-1?

Ohhhhhh no, I steer clear of politics. I dabble but don’t play the game.

What would Corin Nemec include in a script for a fourth Stargate TV show?

Hmmmm… Well if I am writing it… everyone comes back. A parallel universe where Jonas never goes home. And Dr. Jackson never died.

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I am a sixty three year old woman. I watched Parker Lewis cant loose and thought it was creative. I look for it today
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sparke.bell if whats his name wants to go
cross country skiing in mccall idaho before i have a old age thing
thats 1990s humor .

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