Joe Mallozzi on the legacy of ‘Stargate: Atlantis’ after 15 years

Longtime sci-fi legend, Joe Mallozzi, answers a few questions about the legacy of Stargate: Atlantis on its 15th anniversary.

Stargate: Atlantis premiered 15 years ago. Can you believe it’s been that long?

It’s honestly hard to believe it’s been that long.

Even when discussions about SG-1 come up, I can’t believe it was about 20 years ago that my former writing partner and I landed on the franchise at the start of SG-1’s fourth season.

Joe Mallozzi is a prolific sci-fi producer best known for “Stargate” and “Dark Matter.” Photo provided by Joe Mallozzi

What do you hope is the legacy of Stargate:Atlantis?

I think the legacy of Atlantis will be fondly remembered for its sense of fun and camaraderie.

Like SG-1, the Atlantis expedition was like extended family members you visited with once a week.

It’s a grand tradition that made both Star Trek and Stargate so relatable – and, sadly, something a lot of newer sci-fi shows have forgotten.

Would you be willing to be involved if there is a fourth in-canon version of Stargate?

If Brad (Wright) or Robert (Cooper) were running a new Stargate series and asked me to be involved, I wouldn’t hesitate.

I have great memories of my time working on the franchise with them.

A script page from the unproduced ‘Stargate: Atlantis’ movie, ‘Extinction.’ Credit: Joe Mallozzi.

Share a memory about working with David Hewlett.

We almost launched a McKay-less Atlantis.

When we were first casting the showing, we were auditioning the role of a character called Dr. Ingram. When we couldn’t find the right actor for the role—and with time ticking down—Robert Cooper suggested bringing Rodney McKay on board.

10 questions with David Hewlett

At the time, I honestly wondered whether the character was just too annoying.

Of course David Hewlett did a brilliant job with the role, delivering a performance that was at turns humorous, touching and, yes, even a little vexing.

And, in the end, he became a fan – and writers’ room – favorite.

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8 Replies to “Joe Mallozzi on the legacy of ‘Stargate: Atlantis’ after 15 years”

  1. I generally liked Atlantis but Hewlett was miscast. I know he’s a good actor but he overplayed the role, it was as if it was his show and in my opinion it was not. Sorry.

    1. I see what you mean, but my interpretation is that it’s because that’s who Rodney McKay was. According to Rodney the world revolved around him, so in that respect Hewlett did a good job of portraying the role.

  2. It is getting to the critical point if a Stargate series is to be restarted with a combination of old and new cast members. A new series could still be able to incorporate elements and characters from all three SG series with interesting intertwining storylines.

  3. Hasn’t everyone had a ‘Rodney McKay’ in their life at sometime? If not, just wait, it will happen!

  4. In a big way McKay was a grounding Force for the whole show nobody else knew how that place worked they didn’t have any idea. they would have just been standing around staring at each other.

  5. With McKay, i just loved for his best and his role as a well recognised scientist. Hewlett solved problems more even in the SG series. I don’t see him overplayed in the show but he has given his best. Hail HEWLETT!!!

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