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Ganel-Lyn Condie and John Fossum have released a ‘Find Him’ companion book to record your ‘Come, Follow Me’ insights.

The Talk of Him podcast (formerly Real Talk–Come, Follow Me) is now in its fourth year producing Come, Follow Me Resources in an audio and video format. In addition to beginning 2023 on a brand new set, Ganel-Lyn Condie and John Fossum have also released a Find Him study guide. In this interview, Ganel-Lyn Condie talks about their podcast and New Testament companion book.

Read the book by Ganel-Lyn Condie and John Fossum, Find Him: New Testament Come Follow Me Guide.

Who is Ganel-Lyn Condie?

I’m a popular motivational speaker who is dedicated to my family, faith, and inspiring others. I love teaching others with speaking and writing. I’ve experienced healing from a major chronic illness and am the mother to two miracle children.

The new name, Talk of Him, feels like a perfect change.

After the heart-breaking suicide of my 40-year-old sister, I’m constantly working towards suicide prevention. I live with an open heart and feel passionate about sharing principles that will empower others to live life with more joy.

I’m a regular television/radio guest and host the popular shows Talk of Him (formerly Real Talk: Come, Follow Me) and The Middle. My talks and books have encouraged thousands of people all over the world. I love growing older with my supportive husband, Rob Condie, and aim to keep learning and loving.

What is the Talk of Him podcast?

When Come, Follow Me was announced, I started posting thoughts about the scriptures on my social pages. It was totally low-production level and I tried to keep it authentic and relative to “real life”.

Our original producer/creator, Amy, started following my posts and felt inspired to have Covenant/Seagull collaborate with me. I didn’t know Scott Sorenson (my co-host for Seasons 1 and 2) before we started hosting the show.

And that’s how Real Talk: Come, Follow Me was born. We overcame a lot as the company’s first podcast. We became the little engine that could. The Come, Follow Me world was quickly filling up with many great podcasts and resources. But we kept true to the original vision of a 20-minute show that was about real life.

Ganel-Lyn Condie and John Fossum introduce the New Testament curriculum in their first Talk of Him podcast episode of 2023.

When Scott decided to step away from the show, heaven orchestrated the partnership with John Fossum. I am so very grateful for this new opportunity. John has brought an amazing perspective and spirit to the show.

After three seasons, some issues outside of our control led to a need to change the name from Real Talk: Come Follow Me to Talk of Him. Someday, maybe a book will be written about all that the show and the study guide published last year.

With great opposition comes great miracles. The new name, Talk of Him, feels like a perfect change. It is in line with our original goal of inviting our audience to be God-focused and Spirit-directed.

The talking points are questions—like knocks on heaven.

We have the conversations that we hope are the jumping-off point—or the seeds of people’s own spiritual gardening. Our companion book, Find Him, is a place to personally find God each week and “talk of Him.” We hope it carries over into a variety of conversations long after we sign off from the show.

John Fossum and I often hear from viewers who want longer episodes. But we say that keeping it to 20 minutes means they will still be tuning in during the long days of summer and busy weeks. John and I love to talk (no surprise), so we really appreciate the long version of our Friends episodes—and inviting guests from all walks of life to come and “talk of Him.”

Where can people find the Talk of Him podcast?

We are on all of the social media channels including all the podcast platforms. Unlike some podcasts, we are both audio and video. And we have an amazing new set for 2023.

Who are some notable guests you’ve had on the Talk of Him podcast?

Our weekly episodes are just 20-minute Come, Follow Me episodes featuring just John and I co-hosting together.

Our Friends episodes have a longer format and include some amazing guests like:

  • Tim Ballard
  • Brad Wilcox
  • Terryl and Fiona Givens
  • Michelle Craig
  • Mauli Bonner
  • Susan Easton Black
  • The Bordens

How do Ganel-Lyn Condie and John Fossum prepare questions for their podcast guests?

We work individually and then together to prep for our Come, Follow Me episodes. We really try to not become the experts or squeeze everything into our episodes. We love when our viewers can feel the SPIRIT quickly and seem to have time for 20 minutes of scripture discussion.

Our Friends episodes have been invited for a variety of reasons. We really love having authentic, Spirit-directed interviews. We always want to be directed where prayers are being asked. We try and have a few key principles we hope to cover but also want God to stay in the driver’s seat so that means not being SO PREPARED that you can’t leave space for the conversation to go where it needs to.

What’s one of the most powerful things you learned studying the Old Testament last year?

We loved talking about the Old Testament in a way that showed God’s willingness to use imperfect people. We found the women in the Old Testament and Jesus. The God of the Old Testament can sometimes get a “bad wrap” as a vengeful God. Talking about the way He showed mercy, love and hope was such a powerful aspect of the year.

What excites you about studying the New Testament this year?

Come on—it is the NEW TESTAMENT. It is significant for me because this will be my fourth year hosting the show. I am excited to visit the New Testament again within the Come, Follow Me framework.

More than anything it is always about JESUS for me—and what real people and real families are dealing with. The show was born from a goal of reaching diverse people trying to find themselves in the scriptures.

With our format and that goal in mind, I am always touched when we hear from viewers about how the episodes answer prayers for the audience.

Introduce the Find Him: New Testament Study Guide book.

We want a place where people can record their own Find Him insights: information learned from other Come, Follow Me resources and connect personally with John and me.

The Real Talk Come Follow Me podcast now has a New Testament Study Guide called Find Him.
The Find Him New Testament Study Guide allows you to record personal insights while studying Come, Follow Me.

Just like the show. We wrote it to be authentic, vulnerable, Spirit-directed—and not overwhelming. Use it with Talk of Him and with other resources.

Why do chapters include quotes from general authorities?

We have tried to include both personal insights and relative information from living prophets, apostles, and modern-day disciples. This is a way in which we can connect ancient scripture to everyday life and modern-day revelation.

What are the talking points in the Find Him companion book?

The TALKING POINTS are often used to influence our weekly invitations. We believe that Come, Follow Me resources are NEVER meant to replace personal scripture study and revelation. God responds to our questions.

The talking points are questions—like knocks on heaven. For one of the weeks, we invite the student to look for symbols of the cross and how the cross connects us to Christ and His Atonement. In another week, we invite the reader to host their own Come, Follow Me study group.

The gospel is a gospel of action. The TALKING POINTS move the reader from consumer to contributor.

Why do you hope listeners will tune into Talk of Him or read along in the Find Him book?

We are so grateful for this STEWARDSHIP. To be a part of the Come, Follow Me resource world is a sacred opportunity. In hosting a show that is 20 minutes, we invite the audience to have their own “talk of Him” conversations—and “find Him” in their personal studies.

We are not the experts but we are willing to share vulnerability, and impressions—and have conversations that offer hope and invite the Spirit. Twenty minutes is not overwhelming. We love when we hear that our viewers feel the Spirit when they join us. That is always our prayer.

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I love Talk of Him Podcast. I listen every week. I also love the conference talk ones. I was disappointed for the first time with John this week. It felt like he minimised the mighty change Danny had made. Recovering from. Meth addiction and then being able to maintain the change over two years on a mission is remarkable. Generally John is inspiring, I love his stories. Elder Nattresses talk was one of the really powerful talks of the April conference. Gana Lyn’s comments were wonderful. She also is so inspiring. Thank you so much for this podcast. To me it is the best of the Come Follow me podcasts.

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