Uplifting Books and Talks by Brad Wilcox (2024)

We help you find Brad R. Wilcox teachings on topics like grace, morality, and Joseph Smith.

The most well-known talk by Brad Wilcox is “His Grace Is Sufficient.” The Brother Wilcox lecture still holds the record as the most popular BYU Devotional of all time. His profile has further grown since his call to the Young Men General Presidency. This article helps you find Brad R. Wilcox teachings on many topics you see in Russell M. Nelson quotes, including grace, morality, and scriptures. We include his talks, books, podcasts, and more.

Learn more about Brad Wilcox, the Young Men General Presidency, and the new ‘For the Strength of Youth’ Guide.

Table of Contents

Talks by Brad Wilcox

An uplifting short video inspired the Brad Wilcox talk on grace at a 2011 BYU Devotional, “His Grace Is Sufficient.”

Brad Wilcox books

Brad Wilcox talks about the role of grace and the Savior’s Atonement in overcoming our weaknesses in his general conference talk, “Worthiness Is Not Flawlessness.”

Podcasts with Brad Wilcox

Bradley R. Wilcox interviews

This BYU talk by Brad Wilcox discusses how the Parable of the Talents is a lesson in receiving the Savior’s grace.

Brad Wilcox articles

  • 1 Life-Changing Question from the Book of Mormon (and the Answer) (LDS Living)
  • 1 Scriptural Phrase That Will Help You Look to the Future With Faith (LDS Living)
  • 3 Insights from the Holy Land to Deepen Your Understanding of Christ’s Title as the “Good Shepherd” (LDS Living)
  • 3 Things Latter-day Saints Should Know about the Tribes of Israel (LDS Living)
  • 3 Things You Need to Know about Patriarchal Blessings (LDS Living)
  • 5 Tips for Teaching about the Atonement (LDS Living)
  • 6 Childlike Traits that You’ve Probably Lost (And How to Get Them Back) (LDS Living)
  • 6 Ways Our Savior’s Grace Saves Us (LDS Living)
  • 8 Things the Atonement Is Not (LDS Living)
  • A Profound Answer to a Prayer and What It Teaches Us About God’s Love Even When We Feel Overwhelmed (LDS Living)
  • Comparing Book of Mormon Names with Those Found in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Works: An Exploratory Study (Interpreter)
  • Comparing Phonemic Patterns in Book of Mormon Personal Names with Fictional and Authentic Sources: An Exploratory Study (Interpreter)
  • Dangerous Question (Liahona)
  • Gentiles in the Book of Mormon (Interpreter)
  • Getting Over Feeling Underappreciated (Ensign)
  • Grace—Common Ground or Battleground? (LDS Living)
  • “Grace Is Power”: Brad Wilcox Explains What Grace Is and Is Not in a Powerful Way Every Latter-day Saints Can Understand (LDS Living)
  • Helping Youth Follow the Spirit (Ensign)
  • How Did the Wise Men Know to Look for a Star? (LDS Living)
  • How the Angel’s Visit to Mary Can Strengthen Our Testimony of Joseph Smith (LDS Living)
  • How the Temple Endowment Represents Christ’s Atonement (LDS Living)
  • If We Can Laugh at It, We Can Live with It (Ensign)
  • Insights from Time Out For Women: The Camelot Moments (LDS Living)
  • Just Hanging Out (The New Era)
  • Keep Texting from Taking Over (Liahona)
  • The Actual Meaning of “Nephi” and 3 Other Book of Mormon Names (LDS Living)
  • The Prompting That Saved a Girl from Abuse and Shows How God Loves Us Individually (LDS Living)
  • The Surprising Meanings Behind “Enos” and “Noah”: Insights into Book of Mormon Names (LDS Living)
  • The Touching Meaning Behind Poinsettias and How It Relates to Latter-day Saints (LDS Living)
  • What’s Not on the Warning Label (The New Era)
  • What a Young Man Fascinated by Anti-Mormon Books Taught Me About the Atonement, Repentance (LDS Living)
  • What One Woman Learned by Helping Her Dying Mother Take the Sacrament for the Last Time (LDS Living)
  • What Our Birthright Is and Has Always Been as Members of the Church (LDS Living)
  • What “Sariah” and “Moroni” Actually Mean: Insights into Book of Mormon Names (LDS Living)
  • What We’ve Misunderstood about Grace and How to Unlock Its Power In Our Lives (LDS Living)
  • When God Doesn’t Give Clear Answers to Prayers: One Analogy That Might Change How You See Personal Revelation (LDS Living)
  • Why Write It? (Ensign)
  • Women and the Priesthood (LDS Living)
  • Work Enough for Two (Ensign)
  • You Can Say, “I Know” (The New Era)

Brad Wilcox blogs

  • 7 Days of Re-Creation (Patheos)
  • A Friend With Infinite Love (Patheos)
  • A Gentle Knock: Welcomed or Withdrawn (Patheos)
  • A Hymn for All Seasons (Patheos)
  • Anyone Can Write a Story (Patheos)
  • As and For Little Children (Patheos)
  • A Sacred Call (Patheos)
  • Beyond Miracles: Christ’s Compassion (Patheos)
  • Broken Chains, Safe Connection (Patheos)
  • By the Grace of God (Patheos)
  • “Called to Serve”: Regardless Where or When (Patheos)
  • Connecting Past the Covering (Patheos)
  • Covenants: Agreements With Love (Patheos)
  • Everyday Christians Living Our Religion Every Day (Patheos)
  • Eyes to See Light: Eternal Sight (Patheos)
  • Faith Fulfilled—In The Lord’s Own Way (Patheos)
  • Faith, Obedience, and Knowledge (Patheos)
  • From A Low Spot: Christ’s Presence In Inevitable Storms (Patheos)
  • “Good For Us”—Sufficient For All (Patheos)
  • His Path: Fertile Places/Shadowed Places (Patheos)
  • Humble Strength: Disciple Mary Magdalene (Patheos)
  • Incidentals for Mutual Respect: A Higher, Holier Way (Patheos)
  • Is There a God? (Patheos)
  • Living Our Beliefs With a Sense of Urgency, Mission, and Integrity (Patheos)
  • “Look Upon Us” (Patheos)
  • Miracles of Lights: Our Savior Has Come (Patheos)
  • People Fears: Sports Teams, Social Media, and True Identity (Patheos)
  • Right Turn Must Turn Right (Patheos)
  • Salt for the Earth: Folks and Followers (Patheos)
  • Save Us From Our Wolves (Patheos)
  • Sing Praise: All Times, All Seasons (Patheos)
  • Standing For the Sacred (Patheos)
  • The Core of Christianity (Patheos)
  • The Tongue: Fire in a Time of Good or Evil (Patheos)
  • To One of the Least of These (Patheos)
  • Vineyard Blessings: God’s Perfect Equity (Patheos)
  • Walk with Jesus, Then and Now (Patheos)
  • What Is the Children and Youth Program? (Patheos)
  • Who Loves Us Most of All (Patheos)
  • You Never Knew Me: Learning From Some Who Knew Christ Well (Patheos)

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