Tor Publisher Devi Pillai reflects on Brandon Sanderson’s ‘Mistborn’

I recently had the privilege to interview Tor Publisher, Devi Pillar, for an upcoming feature in the Deseret News. The article celebrates 10 years since Brandon Sanderson completed the first trilogy in the “Mistborn” series. The full text of her comments are available here. 

What are your title and duties with Tor?

Publisher, Tor Books.

When did you first become familiar with Brandon Sanderson?

When Brandon’s debut novel Elantris appeared in 2005, I was an editor at Orbit and I was overcome with jealousy that I hadn’t seen this amazing writer first.

How would you describe Sanderson and his writings to people still unfamiliar with him? What sets him apart?

For me, it’s the attention that he puts into his worldbuilding and his characters. The level of details is intoxicating; his worlds feel completely inhabited, as much as our own. Once you fall into his storytelling you want to stay there forever. This is what gives his work its profound appeal and its robust staying power.

How do you think Sanderson will be thought of in 50 years?

As one of the great fantasy writers of the 21st century — a storyteller who absorbed and thought about the work of innumerable predecessors in the field of epic fantasy, and took it to a new level of energy and appeal.

What makes the “Mistborn” series unique and enjoyable?

The magic system, more than anything else. It grounds us in a sense that this is a world that really could exist.

What excites you about the next “Mistborn” novels?

More Wax and Wayne, of course!

How has Sanderson’s writing evolved over the last ten years?

He’s definitely become a more nuanced and tighter plotter. This isn’t a guy who’s happy to repeat past success; he sets himself bigger and more challenging goals as he goes along.

By Kurt Manwaring

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