‘This show is loved’: ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered’ fan base wants to deliver message to Hallmark

A petition by fans of ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered’ may have influenced Hallmark’s renewal of the popular show.

SALT LAKE CITY — Find a popular, recently cancelled TV show and you can set your watch by how long it takes fans to make a pitch for its revival. Some efforts are more successful than others, but few are truly newsworthy. A petition by a group of fans for Hallmark’s “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” may be an exception.

“I started this petition because I saw the need from all the fans wanting answers from Hallmark for a renewal,” said Fotoula Boustris, a dedicated member of the fan group POstables, in an email interview. “I want to show Hallmark and the executives the amount of viewers that love and appreciate this wonderful show.”

The POstables’ petition is unique in that it does not call for a revival because, thus far, the popular series has not been cancelled. Rather, the fans are getting nervous that word of a renewal is long past-due and don’t want the network to think there is any mystery about their love for the show.

The dedicated fan base has been clamoring for more of their favorite show — which is about a group of postal detectives who brave all odds to deliver life-changing letters that never arrived — for over a year. And while the latest offering, “To the Altar,” premiered this summer they are nervous about the future.

While previous efforts seemed to fizzle out, the petition’s appeal has sparked involvement from some of the main cast.

Crystal Lowe plays the role of Rita Haywith and is excited to see the growing momentum behind the petition. “I’m thrilled,” she said. “But not surprised. I’m telling you, these POstables are a force to be reckoned with and whatever the outcome, I just hope they know how amazing they all are.”

“‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered’ brings light and love and spreads it like butter cream icing,” said Kristin Booth, the actress who plays the role of Shane McInerney. “Perhaps I’ve been watching too many baking shows of late,” she joked.

Booth was quick with her light-hearted analogy, but explains there is a more serious reason to ensure the show’s survival.

“Faith, values and moral fiber are the cornerstones of ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered,’” she said. “That’s pretty rare to find on television these days. I think that alone draws an audience thirsty for programming they can share with their families.”

Family-values programming may sound like a cliché, but petition organizer Boustris said the show truly becomes a part of those that watch it.

“Families actually have said to us that (they) have long discussions after each movie,” she said.

“What other show does that to you?” she asked. “(It) brings back faith, family values and life lessons that the world is in need (of) right now.”

POstables seem to agree. Among the many reasons listed online for signing the petition, the importance of family values repeatedly appeared.

“I signed because ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered’ is so unique; there’s nothing else like it on TV,” wrote Marybeth Rudzinski on Twitter. “It features all kinds of warm (and) supportive relationships; it encourages viewers to want to be honest (and kind) in their own corners of the world.”

“I signed because I found inspiration (and) people who show respect and love for others,” wrote Jane Wilkinson, who goes by the Twitter handle Blair. “This world needs its role models, hope, inspiration and sense of family.”

Messages have poured in from around the world testifying to the tangible impact of the show, but petition signers are desperate to know if their message will get through.

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries does not have an announcement as to the future of the series, but network executive Michelle Vicary was so anxious to acknowledge the efforts of the POstables, she literally composed a message in between Christmas TV spots that dominate her busy winter schedule.

We are so grateful that fans found ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered’ and that they have been so faithful and dedicated to it and the talented cast and crew,” she wrote in an email. “Hallmark has the greatest TV fans of any network. We know how lucky we are to have such a devoted fan base.”

Vicary explained there are not currently any new episodes scheduled for 2019, but said this summer’s production of “To the Altar” was highly rated and previous episodes will continue to be available.

“’Signed, Sealed, Delivered’ will always have a home on Hallmark because we have 10 two-hour movies and 10 episodes of the one-hour series,” she said. “And when a network is fortunate enough to be paired with (writer) Martha Williamson, you never say never.

By Kurt Manwaring

Writer. History nerd. Latter-day Saint.

34 replies on “‘This show is loved’: ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered’ fan base wants to deliver message to Hallmark”

I watch Signed Sealed Delivered with my mom! I don’t usually like Hallmark shows but this one is different. I really like that it’s both funny and serious in the same scenes. It’s not sappy! I really like the issues that are explored. And I really find myself listening and taking to heart it’s lessons. The characters seem like real people & problems aren’t unrealistically solved in two hours. Life isn’t like that. This is a show a guy can enjoy, so please renew this show instead of some of the others you make that I won’t watch. My mom will really be grateful, and I will too.

I have 3 daughters, all with very different personalities and interests, so it’s very hard to find something to watch that we all enjoy. I introduced them to Signed, Sealed, Delivered and they were immediately hooked and anxious to watch more. This series is like no other we’ve ever seen. Each mystery delivers a pivotal message and makes your heart feel full. As a family, we are disheartened by the possibility that there could be no new stories to tell and letters to deliver. I’m praying that Hallmark will give us the chance to see more of our beloved POstables.

Signed Sealed Delivered is like no other series on television. It demonstrates faith thru divine delivery and encourages the viewers to believe that God has a plan so we need to trust the timing to know we will get just what we need at the right time. In a way I feel the waiting for Hallmark to deliver additional movies is part of God’s plan. Even though it Is so difficult to wait, not knowing what the future brings, we must exercise these lessons learned from the writing by Martha Williamson, which I have confidence are inspired by God. It is always darkest right before dawn, hence #POstables are focused on that sliver of light shining on the hope and a future for Signed Sealed Delivered. Martha’s writing spoke directly to me in the movie “Lost Without You” when Dale and Shane were talking over a cup of coffee (and sugar). Shane said, “what’s the use in praying if God has it all figured out”, and how Dale responded, changed my perception of prayer. She said “I don’t pray to change God, I pray to change me”. So in the trials and disappointments, I continue to recall the many lessons learned from a little TV series that has given me a lot of #POstables cousins. I am so truly thankful for the this series which is MUCH #MoreThanEntertainment. Television viewing would be so much better with more Signed Sealed Delivered movies. Please allow Martha to continue to weave her messages thru these inspiring stories. We all know #MarthaAlwaysDelivers

Signed Sealed Delivered is the best show on any TV channel. It’s message of love, forgiveness, Faith, hope and redemption is second to none. It has done so much to change my life and to for me to forgive my self for the past. The world needs SSD.

Great article although I’m SO sad to see that no new installments are on the schedule for 2019. This show is one of the most unique and fabulous shows on TV as it’s poignant, smart and flirty but always hilarious! I look forward to each new movie with so much excitement. If Hallmark doesn’t want to make any more of these, maybe they will release it to another network – it’s much too amazing to end now. We have to finish the story of Shane & Oliver! So proud to be a #POstable! My fave show!

Signed Sealed Delivered is one of the best shows I’ve ever seen and certainly the best on Hallmark. Its central themes are kindness, integrity and redemption. Its magic lies in that it presents these ideas with humor and romance and never by wagging a finger at its viewers. There is quirkinesses and love and some of the best writing and cast chemistry I’ve seen. If Hallmark makes the mistake of dropping SSD perhaps another network or streaming service will see the power in this show and pick it up. I choose hope, as I imagine Martha Williamson would want. SSD has the ability to bring joy and peace to a fractured world. It has certainly brought me both. Thanks for this article!

I have a six year old son who watched the pilot of Signed, Sealed, Delivered with me when he was two. He has always been a reader, so he immediately took a liking to Oliver. When he was three, I caught him pulling my “Complete Works of Shakespeare” off my bookshelf. When asked what he was doing, he responded, “I need to get smart wike Owiver, Mommy!” Now, he dresses and speaks like Oliver, acts like Norman, has the techie skills of Shane, and the gentle, sweet lovability of Rita. That makes my Momma’s heart happy, and that is why we watch this show in our house…to give my son the image of a modern gentleman to emulate.

Thank you Kurt Manwaring for bringing our concerns right to Michelle Vicary. It’s hard to believe that they weren’t aware of our petition or our devotion to SSD prior to your request for a statement. Signed Sealed Delivered is so much more than a TV Show. As Judy said, it’s more than entertainment, It feeds souls! But as Kathleen says, it never preaches or forces it’s messages of hope, forgiveness, healing! That is all layered within the story of the letters and the lives of the POstables. The truth is there for people of all faiths, all walks of life. Viewers leave an SSD episode or installment feeling thoroughly entertained with both laughter & tears, but also called to action seeking “Higher Ground” in their own lives. How many TV shows do that? The magic is in Martha Williamson’s writing which seems divinely inspired. Her words, delivered by her incomparable, hand selected cast, get to the heart of faith, relationships and societal issues that plague our world. Her films MATTER! It hurts to imagine a world without more SSD stories and it saddens me that Crown Media seems intent on continuing to produce and promote films which don’t rise to the level of SSD. Martha Williamson is a master craftsman and no one else’s work reaches her excellence or compels fans to join together as family! Surely Hallmark execs can make room for 4 SSD films a year, setting themselves up for a legacy of which they can be proud! I am so grateful for the 10 episodes and 12 films we’ve been given, but I’m not interested in having a place on Hallmark just to watch SSD’s past work. I want it to be an active franchise continuing to put its good and light into a world that needs it. I’m Trusting the Timing; I trust that new SSD films will be delivered by Hallmark execs just when we need them, or they’ll release the franchise to a new network or streaming service. There is just no other TV show as unique as SSD, which has so many more stories to tell!

All you need to do is show someone one episode of SSD and you turn them into a POstable! That is how good this show is! It is so much more than just a show. It is “food for your soul”. I don’t know how you could watch an episode and not be affected. It makes you take a hard look at what you value and then calls you to take action in your own life. It has forever positively changed the way I look at things and has given me such great insights into life. One show has taught me forgiveness, kindness, redemption, hope, love and has deepened my faith. Thank you Martha for being the instrument God uses to speak to all of us.!

I am from the UK and saw the Pilot Movie just before Christmas. Enjoyed it so much that I decided to look up the movie to find that there had been a whole series and more movies. Literally spent the whole Christmas period finding ways to watch all the episodes (which is not easy in the UK). Now I have seen nearly all of them I am hooked- the show is utterly delightful and they should definitely make more. Missing the POstables already.

Signed Sealed Delivered is such a unique and quality show that stands out from any other show on tv. It’s a show that touches your soul and inspires you in ways you never thought possible. It’s filled with so much hope, inspiration and faith which the world is lacking presently. There’s so many lessons through Martha Williamson’s words that we find ourselves quoting or using in our daily lives. This show has changed me personally to see people in a different and more positive ways and no other show has done this for me. Families with children of all ages will sit and watch this show and have long discussions with their parents. This is so important in our world right now. Signed Sealed Delivered touches people of all ages, if given the chance. Fans world wide are reaching out to Hallmark to get this show renewed and we’re hoping Hallmark and the executives are listening to us. With so much sadness and tragedies happening in our world right now, more than ever, Signed Sealed Delivered needs to be renewed. Hallmark please hear us.

Signed Sealed Delivered is simply the best written & acted show on tv anywhere. The encouraging values of hope, kindness, sincerity, faith & truth are messages that we all need in the world today. This show came into my life at an extremely low point & it was my very own Divine Delivery! It has absolutely changed my life! This show has taught me to Trust The Timing & To Hand It Over to whatever God has planned. I have watched SSD with my children & grandchildren & we discuss the messages that have been delivered in each movie. I feel that Hallmark has a true gem in Signed Sealed Delivered & it would be a tremendous loss if it were not given a renewal for more movies.

Signed Sealed Delivered is the jewel in the Hallmark crown. The writing, acting and storylines are like none other currently on TV. We have watched every episode countless times and always seem to find something else to think about. Hallmark has always represented quality and this show reflects this. My family would love to see more of this lovely program.

Martha can make you laugh, cry and excited all in the same scene. Fantastic writers, actors and directors. Love this series have watched it from the pilot and was hooked. The POstables are like an extended family treating each other with respect while dealing with issues that matter. This series is the only reason I pay extra for HMM channel. Please renew, the stories are far from finished!

Thank you, Kurt for doing this article and bringing awareness to the powers that be. I just can’t stress enough how much we need Martha Williamson’s story telling now more than ever. We are tired of the same story being told over and over. My daughter, who has watched a handful of movies, realizes and has said that Signed Sealed Delivered is the only one she will watch because of its diversity. Signed Sealed Delivered has taught me about faith, hope and what it looks like to believe so deeply in something. The best bonus is the fans of the show that I feel grateful to call family. The #POstables humbly ask you to please renew and allow us more of these beautifully written movies.

Please renew Signed Sealed Delivered. We love it. Full of faith and hope and love and really so much more. Great stories, great acting, great music, great everything.

Signed Sealed Delivered has touched my heart and changed my life for the better. Everything about the SSD series is excellent–the writing, acting, music, family values–everything! We all need the messages of kindness and forgiveness that we receive from this show. The #POstables are not just fans-we are family. We would love for this series to continue, not just for us, but for everyone who hasn’t seen it. We would love to see these stories continue. Thank you. Kurt, for a fine article.

Signed Sealed Delivered has been so welcome in our home. Four generations watch together and all of us love it! Martha Williamson is a master storyteller and the rest of the production people, cast and crew are highly gifted! There are so many more stories to tell and this is the show our world needs most, as it is filled with hope and love. Our family sincerely hopes Hallmark will renew this gem of a series! It is the best they have to offer! #POstables ?❤️?

Thank you is just not enough to say about Signed Sealed Delivered. My daughter and I have watched every episode and movie together. We have many conversations and discussions about each one. SSD has given us a true gift. My daughter has special needs and she has a very hard time expressing herself and explaining her feelings. Signed Sealed Delivered has given her a way in which to communicate ask questions and understand life’s experiences. We have discussions about Shane Oliver Rits and Norman. SSD has given my daughter and I a wonderful way of bonding and sharing that otherwise would never have taken place. I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart for a beautiful work of art. Please consider gifting us with more of SSD and the beautiful way in which it is written and presented to us all.

Signed Sealed Delivered is a series like no other I have watched. Martha Williamson has created a Masterpiece. Its messages are so refreshing and so family friendly and have added so many rich lessons that we all need to follow such as Hope, Love, Forgiveness, Understanding, Patience. You cannot watch this wonderful series and not be blessed by what you have just witnessed watching SSD. What a treasure!?✝️

I was immediately drawn to this show: the characters, the writing, the tone….
Like “sun light in a bottle;” just a kind of perfection that’s VERY rare…

Please keep this. Wonderful show on the air. The actors have such great chemistry and it’s a show that so wholesome that the entire family can watch together. We need more shows like this….please bring it back.. SS& D is a great show,

My whole family and I LOVE Signed, Sealed, Delivered! I have bought all the DVD’s that are available and some of those, I have 2 copies so I can share one with my friends. I have gotten other people hooked on watching every episode of this amazing series! I love it because of the kindness that the characters show to each other. They don’t go through episodes without experiencing conflict with one another, but when there is conflict they discuss it and resolve it. I thought that Shane was very kind in how she helped Oliver work through the aftermath of his wife leaving and also his conflict with his father. There aren’t very many shows that remind us to be kind with the words we say, but Signed, sealed does that! My 9 year old son has watched every episode multiple times and I never have to worry about him seeing or hearing something that is not good for him to see with this series. I hope that Hallmark will continue to make more Signed sealed delivered because it is the best show that they make!

I’m from the UK and I love this show. It has everything; drama, mystery, romance, comedy. When you add superb scripts , excellent acting and a wonderful feel good factor, you have the perfect show . You really become invested in these characters and there is nothing else like it on tv. I have bought all the dvds at great cost because i’ve had to buy most of them from the USA and I’ve also bought a multi region dvd just to watch SSD. I watch other Hallmark series like Garage Sale Mysteries , Aurora Teagarden and Murder She Baked, but none of them effect me in such a positive way. I watch SSD all the time especially when I’m feeling down or after a period of watching inferior programmes. I will be gutted if we have no more SSD. I want to find out what happens to these wonderful characters and I’m sure that Martha Williamson has many more wonderful stories to tell. Please please Continue this great series; my favourite of all time.

Signed Sealed Delivered is a very special television experience. It is beautifully written and produced. The acting on the series is phenomenal. The stories touch your heart and give you hope. They show multiple generations what kindness, friendship, love, commitment, dedication, redemption, and teamwork are. Romance is shown in a way that is sweet, beautiful, and meaningful. The characters and audience have become a family. This wonderful gem of classic television needs to continue for years to come. Audiences of all ages crave intelligent, family-friendly, quality programming. Signed Sealed Delivered always hits the mark and just keeps getting better!

An obsession is not normally something I would want to admit to having, but obsession is really the only word that can describe my infatuation with the show Signed, Sealed, Delivered. I came to the franchise late, in 2016, after watching one of the movies at the house of a friend. I felt an instant affinity for the series and had to go back and purchase the pilot, season 1, and the four movies I had missed. I had no problem purchasing them, as I truly believed it would be worth keeping. My husband and son also enjoyed SSD, and were willing to watch “a Hallmark” show with me. My husband was even willing to give up one of his favorite channels so that we could move to the tier on Directv that had Hallmark Movies and Mysteries. He found the show to be worthwhile investment since there weren’t many shows our whole family enjoyed. Signed, Sealed, Delivered has not only given us time together, but positive, worthwhile discussions,

This is such a well-written, well-acted show. The content is both entertaining and educational to various relevant issues. It is family-friendly and based on goodness and kindness, something the world really needs right now. Martha Williamson is an exceptional storyteller and the cast has amazing chemistry! It is so much fun to watch! The fan base has become a worldwide family! Thank you Hallmark Movies and Mysteries for giving us such a wonderful show, and please consider some new movies in 2019!

Signed, Sealed , Delivered delivers EVERY time! So many shows and movies today are a hit or miss but with SSD it’s always a HIT; its topical , honest, moral, generous and full of heart.? I challenge anyone to watch just one and not get hooked- it’s impossible. Society needs quality programming like this , now more than ever, and to not renew would be a disgrace. Signed, Sealed, Delivered has my seal of approval- Hallmark, please continue to give it yours.❤️???#Please#Renew#SSD

I love SSD and want many more movies!! PleAsecrenew this series!! We need more great shows like this. We Pistables want the stories to continue!! There is so. Much left to be told !! Please renew !!

I’ve been a fan of Signed, Sealed, Delivered since the Pilot premiered on Oct. 12, 2013. I’ve seen the live premiere of every episode and movie. It’s that good. Signed, Sealed, Delivered is unique in the television world. There is nothing else like it. Hallmark has a new slogan “When You Care Enough You Can Change The World.” Signed, Sealed, Delivered is the essence and the message of Hallmark. Unparalleled writing by Martha Williamson. Amazing acting by the 4 main characters. They have a chemistry between them that makes the characters almost seem real. SSD movies have you laughing one minute and crying the next, and show you the good in people who delivering life changing lost letters. Oliver, Shane, Rita and Norman do their best to care, to bring hope, to help, to show compassions, to love, to make a difference. Surely Hallmark can find room for new Signed, Sealed, Delivered movies next year. Its messages are needed in the world today. The fans are praying that Signed, Sealed, Delivered will continue. Please, Crown Media, #RenewSSD.

Enjoyed The Christmas movies . Still waiting to here if and when Hallmark will make more Sign Sealed Delivered movies in 2019. I’ve seen all of the movies from The Pilot to To The Altar. I have rewatched them many times. Each time I discover something new and inspiring. Hope Hallmark realizes how much these movies bring joy to their viewers. The best show on TV by far ?

Looking forward to seeing the new shows that Martha has written. I keep watching the Canadian border to see when they open. It looks like possibly in September. Hopefully, they can start filming again later this year. I an anxiously awaiting to see what happens next with Shane, Oliver, Rita, Norman, Ramon, and Joe. I enjoy the shows, and the actors, and actresses do such a wonderful job of portraying the characters. I also enjoy the real good chemistry that they share.

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