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Is Bruce R. McConkie Treated Unfairly?

Perhaps no one has influenced Latter-day Saint scriptural literacy more than Bruce R. McConkie. His writings were both prolific and authoritarian. Consequently, 20th-century intellectuals sought an alternative voice, paving the way for a New Mormon History which may have intentionally downplayed the Apostle’s influence. In this interview, Joseph Spencer examines Elder McConkie’s influence and suggests that it may be time to set aside unfair narratives and reexamine his legacy.

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How Was Henry B. Eyring Called to the First Presidency?

At the time, a few thoughtful observers saw Henry B. Eyring‘s assignment to speak at Mountain Meadows as a portent that he would be called to fill the vacancy in the First Presidency created in early August of that year by the death of President James E. Faust. Hal (President Eyring), though, was not among them. He had no such inkling, and certainly not a feeling strong enough to overcome the illogic of the idea.

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Elder Maxwell’s Journey of Discipleship: An Interview with Bruce C. Hafen

Elder Neal A. Maxwell’s name is synonymous with discipleship (similar to Latter-day Saints like Truman G. Madsen and Henry B. Eyring). But the term meant different things to him at different times. Initially, it was a designation for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. But over time, it evolved to include a wholehearted devotion to the Savior—especially during times of adversity. In this interview, biographer Bruce C. Hafen explains why Elder Maxwell is so closely associated with discipleship.

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The Past, Present, and Future of BYU Studies Quarterly

BYU Studies Quarterly has been published since 1959. Over the last 60 years, the journal has undergone name changes, made discoveries, and published scholarship informed by the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. In this interview, Brad Wilcox and Tim Morrison break down their analysis of BYU Studies Quarterly content, including thoughts by Editor-in-Chief Steven C. Harper on the future of the publication.

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What’s in the Relief Society General Board Minutes?

The Church History Department and Relief Society General Presidency recently published Relief Society general board minutes covering the years 1842–2007. The minutes include notes from the first meeting of the Nauvoo Relief Society, preparations for World War II, and the impact of global events. Anne Berryhill explains that the Relief Society minutes also contain accounts of prominent Latter-day Saints such as Emma Smith, Eliza Snow, and Zina D. H. Young.