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How Did Pascale Hutton Get Involved with When Calls the Heart?

This was supposed to be just a two-episode arc. I think we all quickly realized a character, like Rosemary, that got the fans so fired up needed to stick around and I’ve been on the show ever since.

Pascale Hutton plays the role of Rosemary Coulter on the family-friendly Hallmark series, “When Calls the Heart” (created by Brian Bird and Michael Landon Jr.)

How did Pascale Hutton get involved with When Calls the Heart?

I got involved with WCTH at the end of the first season. This was supposed to be just a two-episode arc. I think we all quickly realized a character, like Rosemary, that got the fans so fired up, needed to stick around. And I’ve been on the show ever since.

Pascale Hutton talks about her character’s journey on When Calls the Heart.

What does Pascale Hutton remember about her first television audition?

I came from theater but was pretty green to auditioning nonetheless. I was rough around the edges but totally willing to play and have fun. Ignorance is bliss, as they say, and I booked the part.

Did Pascale Hutton feel any pressure to live up to the emotionally-charged reputation of “Flashpoint”?

I approached “Flashpoint” as I would any role which is to be as honest and in the moment as I can.

What does Pascale Hutton recall about working on “Stargate: Atlantis”?

What I remember most is that that gig was the beginning of a long and fulfilling relationship I have with the director Martin Wood. We’ve worked together about 20 times, including numerous episodes of WCTH. I absolutely love when we get to work together!

Describe “When Calls the Heart” for a first-time watcher.

Heartfelt family show with great costumes!

Are there similarities between Pascale Hutton and her character of Rosemary on “When Calls the Heart”?

This is a frequently asked question and I’d be lying if I said there weren’t similarities.

Let’s just say we’ve got a symbiotic relationship.

How has Pascale Hutton’s relationship with Kavan Smith grown since filming their first scene together?

Kavan and I immediately clicked, honestly that doesn’t happen often. For Kavan at least. But over the years we’ve grown and our relationship has deepened and we have a very efficient shorthand.

How has Rosemary evolved since she first got off the stagecoach in Hope Valley and what growth might still be ahead of her?

I’ve always said that Rosemary’s evolution is a testament to our writers and Hallmark that they never wanted her to stay stagnant. She has evolved from a quite selfish city actress into a true friend/entrepreneur/community leader and of course wife while never sacrificing her flair for the dramatic.

Without giving anything away, what can viewers expect of the 2018 Christmas special?

It’s possible they will meet Elizabeth’s baby!

Why should viewers tune in for the 2018 Christmas special? 

There might be a baby!

How would Pascale Hutton write a “When Calls the Heart” episode in which a misunderstanding leads to a rift between Elizabeth and Rosemary?

It would probably revolve around Rosemary’s tactless honesty and end with Elizabeth giving her a taste of her own medicine. The two women would realize that honesty between friends is a gift but so is kindness.

I believe Rosemary has already had a line: “Being kind doesn’t mean you aren’t honest with one another!”

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