Brian Bird shares top five episodes of ‘When Calls the Heart’

As Hallmark Channel gets ready for the premiere of the “When Calls the Heart” 2018 Christmas movie, co-creator and executive producer Brian Bird will be doing an AMA with FromtheDesk on December 14.

This Q&A preview features the top five episodes thus far of the man affectionately known as “Papa Heartie.”  Continue reading “Brian Bird shares top five episodes of ‘When Calls the Heart’”

10 questions with Ruth Hill

I recently had the privilege to interview Ruth Hill. She is a prolific and talented freelance writer who has made a name for herself interviewing actors associated with Hallmark television and movies.

She is also extremely kindhearted and selfless. More than one “10 questions” interview has come either at her suggestion or with her assistance. She is a joy to associate with and it is a pleasure to present her interview.  Continue reading “10 questions with Ruth Hill”