Joe Mallozzi talks ‘Dark Matter’ cliffhanger, ‘Stargate’ revival

I recently interviewed Joe Mallozzi for an article in the Deseret News. Mallozzi was the showrunner of “Dark Matter” and a prolific producer of “Stargate” franchise TV episodes.

Mallozzi shared thoughts on his decision to breakdown what would be (and may yet be) the first episode of a fourth season of “Dark Matter.” He also commented on the status of the effort to revive “Stargate” and shared his thoughts on fan reactions to sci-fi cancellations.

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‘Dark Matter’ showrunner shares secret scenes live on Twitter

SALT LAKE CITY — Last August, the season three finale of the Syfy series “Dark Matter” ended on a cliffhanger. In what may be an unprecedented move, the showrunner of the canceled production is taking to Twitter to live-tweet his vision for the first episode of a potential fourth season.

Joe Mallozzi, Photo provided by Joe Mallozzi

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