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5 Fascinating Facts about the Book of Abraham

The Book of Abraham has a fascinating history. For example, Joseph Smith charged visitors to see four mummies he purchased with the scrolls of Abraham. The topic also raises a number of questions, such as whether the Egyptian manuscripts catalyzed Joseph’s Smith’s revelatory process

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Henry B. Eyring: Stories and Pictures from a Life of Faith

Henry B. Eyring often receives compliments for his books and General Conference talks. But the Latter-day Saint leader’s desire has always been for Church members to look beyond him and see the Savior. Biographer Robert Eaton shows how President Eyring’s life, like that of the Prophet Joseph Smith, is a pattern for coming unto Christ.

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Let’s Talk About the Book of Abraham with Kerry Muhlestein

Let’s Talk About the Book of Abraham is an easy-to-read summary of the important gospel topic. Egyptologist Kerry Muhlestein looks at its history, discusses the facsimiles, and weighs the limitations of current theories—including his own. Muhlestein also describes the benefits of the Joseph Smith Papers manuscripts and explains how he’s been spiritually uplifted by the doctrines in Abraham’s book.

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The Mountain Man and the Prophet: Jim Bridger, Brigham Young, and a Storied History

Few men are as important to the history of the American West as Jim Bridger and Brigham Young. Jerry Enzler reveals never-before-known details about their influential relationship drawn from his biography, Jim Bridger: Trailblazer of the American West.

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Marcus Whitman: A Legacy of Lies in the American West

Marcus Whitman was a missionary in the 19th century who played an important role in the development of the American West. He and his wife, Narcissa Whitman, have been revered since perishing in an 1847 Indian attack. But the story isn’t what it seems. Blaine Harden tells the startling account as he expounds on his latest book, Murder at the Mission: A Frontier Killing, Its Legacy of Lies, and the Taking of the American West.

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Josephus, Paul, and Early Christianity

F. B. A. Asiedu is the author of Josephus, Paul, and the Fate of Early Christianity (Fortress Academic, 2019).

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Open Questions in Latter-day Saint Theology

Latter-day Saint theology has many questions without settled answers. Was Jesus married? Does God progress? How important is the King Follett Sermon? In each case, Latter-day Saint leaders have expressed differing opinions. Editor Eric A. Eliason discusses a new edition of BYU Studies Quarterly devoted to the concept of ‘open questions.’