Ancient history Old Testament

Robert Alter and the Hebrew Bible

Robert Alter recently completed a translation of the Hebrew Bible. The Old Testament work is widely respected by scholars, including some who think it’s the most accurate Bible translation in English. Alter’s attention to the literary form of Hebrew helps bridge the gap between contemporary readers and ancient writers. In this interview, he talks about his multi-decade translation of the Hebrew Bible.

New Testament

What Led to the Christmas Story in Luke?

Billions of people read the Christmas story in the Bible each year. The Gospel of Luke in particular tells the oft-repeated story of Joseph, Mary, and the nativity. In this Come Follow Me 2023 interview, S. Kent Brown discusses the events leading up to the Christmas story in Luke.


Uplifting Books and Talks by Brad Wilcox

The most well-known talk by Brad Wilcox is “His Grace Is Sufficient.” The Brother Wilcox lecture still holds the record as the most popular BYU Devotional of all time. His profile has further grown since his call to the Young Men General Presidency. This article helps you find Brad R. Wilcox teachings on topics such as grace, morality, and Joseph Smith. We include his talks, books, podcasts, and more.

Come Follow Me Latter-day Saint History

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about the Angel Moroni

The angel Moroni is a Book of Mormon prophet who appeared to Joseph Smith as a resurrected being. His influence goes far beyond the Hill Cumorah in New York. For example, pioneers spoke about Moroni more often than the First Vision. And today, there are dozens of angel Moroni statues atop Latter-day Saint temples throughout the world.

Book of Mormon Cornerstone

What Have Scholars Learned about the Book of Mormon?

The Book of Mormon translated by Joseph Smith contains an account of Jesus Christ in the Americas and has been published in dozens of languages. The record viewed as holy scripture by Latter-day Saints has increasingly become a focal point of scholars. This cornerstone article compiles select findings from some of today’s most fascinating Book of Mormon research.

Latter-day Saint History

Why Are the Diaries of Emmeline B. Wells Important?

Emmeline B. Wells was one of the most important Latter-day Saint women in Utah’s early history. She knew the prophet Joseph Smith, served with Eliza R. Snow, and was friends with Susan B. Anthony. In this interview, Cherry Silver and Sheree Bench talk about their work on the Diaries of Emmeline B. Wells, and share insights from the pioneer suffragist’s life.

Joseph Smith Polygamy

In Sacred Loneliness: The Documents of Joseph Smith’s Wives

The plural wives of Joseph Smith are the focus of Todd Compton’s book, In Sacred Loneliness: The Documents. As a sequel to his 1997 volume, The Documents provides the primary sources Compton used in his book about Joseph Smith’s polygamous marriages. In this interview, Todd Compton discusses his new publication, shares thoughts about reactions to his research, and provides highlights from his book.