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Joseph Smith’s Use of Hebrew in the Book of Abraham

Scholar Matthew Grey shares his latest research on Joseph Smith’s usage of Hebrew in the Book of Abraham. Grey published a chapter on the topic in Producing Ancient Scripture: Joseph Smith’s Translation Projects in the Development of Mormon Christianity (University of Utah Press, 2020).

Joseph Smith Latter-day Saint History Pearl of Great Price

New Joseph Smith Papers Book of Abraham Research

The fourth volume of the Joseph Smith Papers “Revelations and Translations” series is a research gold mine for scholars working on issues related to Joseph Smith and the Book of Abraham. Robin Jensen, the volume’s co-editor, answers questions about the latest Joseph Smith Papers Volume and explains why it is a landmark publication.

Pearl of Great Price

John Gee on the Book of Abraham

The words of Abraham aren’t limited to the Bible. Join Egyptologist John Gee as he discusses Joseph Smith and the Book of Abraham, including his new introduction guide to Abraham’s book in the Pearl of Great Price.

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