Reading the Bible Through the Septuagint

Here is a question. If you are trying to do any kind of serious research into ancient documents, why would you ever prefer to use a translation, rather than the original texts themselves? In the case of the Bible, however, there is one translation that it really pays to know. Often, when we read Scriptures, we might debate exactly how they were read and understood in very early times. In the case of the Septuagint, we have a reliable snapshot of just how Jewish people did just that at a particular moment in time, and the resulting picture is often startling.

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Who Is Melchizedek in the Dead Sea Scrolls?

Melchizedek is a fragmentary exegetical work from the Dead Sea Scrolls collection (11QMelch) that may be classified as a thematic pesher.1 The author quotes or alludes to biblical passages2 and reveals their true hidden meaning in connection with his main theme: the eschatological victory of good over evil.

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What Is the Dispensation of the Gospel of Abraham?

The restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ in this final dispensation included the restoration of the Abrahamic Covenant, the renewal of God’s promises to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and their almost limitless posterity. Those promises are set forth in the Old Testament (Genesis 13:14-16; 15:1-6; 17:1-8; 26:1-5; 28:1-4). In many ways, however, the promises are stated with greater clarity in the Book of Abraham, as contained in the Pearl of Great Price. Here Abraham is promised that if he and his posterity remain faithful to God, they will be given the gospel, the priesthood, an endless and eternal posterity, eternal life, the continuation of the family into eternity (exaltation), and a land inheritance (Abraham 2:8-11, 19). These are “the promises made to the fathers,” to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (see Joseph Smith-History 1:38-39 and D&C 2; compare D&C 27:10).

Joseph Smith Quotes

Joseph Smith Quotes

It can be challenging to find Joseph Smith quotes drawn from reliable historical sources. Our quotes page gives you access to his teachings about topics like love, trials, and the Holy Ghost. What makes them especially unique is that every quote is taken from dependable scholarly research such as the Joseph Smith Papers Project.

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How Did Abinadi Influence Book of Mormon Prophets?

The prophet Abinadi may be best known for being burned to death after testifying before King Noah’s Court in Mosiah. At the time of his death, he likely thought that he had only one convert, namely Alma the Elder. But Abinadi’s example was far-reaching. He devotes more of his teachings to the resurrection of Jesus Christ than any other Book of Mormon prophet, and noticeably influenced Alma, Amulek, King Benjamin, and Mormon. In this interview, John Hilton III explains more.


The Best David A. Bednar Quotes: 2024 Edition

David A. Bednar has been a member of the Quorum of the Twelve in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints since 2004, when he was called to fill the vacancy created by the death of Neal A. Maxwell. Prior to that time, he was the president of Brigham Young University–Idaho. He is known for talking about the Holy Ghost, the enabling power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, and the role of ordinances and covenants in the lives of Church members. This page features quotes from David A. Bednar on a variety of topics, similar to our feature on Russell M. Nelson quotes.


Jeffrey R. Holland Talks, Books, and Devotionals

Jeffrey R. Holland talks run the gamut from books and BYU devotionals to Face-to-Face events and general conference talks. We even reference his teachings about the Book of Mormon in our Come Follow Me 2024 Resources. Use the links in this article to find the President Holland talks you’re looking for.

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Dallin H. Oaks Quotes From Every General Conference

Dallin H. Oaks has given many talks as a member of the First Presidency and the Quorum of Twelve Apostles. His first address was shared in 1971, and his most recent April 2024 General Conference talk was called “Covenants and Responsibilities.” In between, he’s spoken about topics like the Family Proclamation, the US Constitution, and the teachings of Jesus Christ. Similar to our article with Russell M. Nelson quotes, this piece includes Dallin H. Oaks quotations from every general conference.

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A Cultural History of the Gold Plates

A new book by Richard Bushman seeks to uncover the cultural history of Joseph Smith’s gold plates. As a biographer of Joseph Smith, Bushman has thought about the role of the plates for decades. He believes that they were real, but also points out that they are mysterious. In this interview, he shares thoughts about how they’ve been viewed by scholars, portrayed by artists, and contextualized by the church.

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Who Was Truman G. Madsen?

Truman Madsen is perhaps best known for his Joseph Smith lectures. The BYU professor thought of the Prophet as a window through which he could see Jesus Christ. But his contributions extend far beyond lectures given at Brigham Young University. Those who knew him best, like his wife, Ann Madsen, say there was much more to Truman G. Madsen than meets the eye.

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