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John Gee on the Book of Abraham

The words of Abraham aren’t limited to the Bible. Join Egyptologist John Gee as he discusses Joseph Smith and the Book of Abraham

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Meet Enoch Seminar Director Gabriele Boccaccini

Dr. Gabriele Boccaccini discusses the Enoch Seminar, a group devoted to studying the common roots of early Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. 

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What R. Eric Smith Wishes People Asked about the Council of Fifty Minutes

After receiving interview responses from R. Eric Smith and Matthew J. Grow for an interview, it occurred to me I may have forgotten an important question.

Experts are often asked the same questions over and over. Yet are there questions they wish someone would ask?

As it relates to the Council of Fifty minutes, I asked R. Eric Smith this very question in an addendum to the “10 questions” interview.


The Old Testament and New Testament: What Happened in Between?

There’s the Old Testament and the New Testament, but what happened between them? Join scholar S. Kent Brown as he discusses his book, The Lost 500 Years: What Happened Between the Old and New Testaments.

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Philip Jenkins Books: ‘Crucible of Faith’ Author Interview

Philip Jenkins is a distinguished scholar who teaches at Baylor University. His work can be found on sites like Patheos, The Christian Century, and The Gospel Coalition, and there are more than a few Philip Jenkins books about the history of Christianity. Dr. Philip Jenkins is an expert in ancient sources such as the Dead Sea Scrolls and Book of Enoch.