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The Remarkable Legacy of Emma Smith

Emma Hale Smith is sometimes viewed only as “Joseph Smith’s wife, Emma.” Stories are told of her wrestles with polygamy or her decision to remain in Nauvoo. But Emma is more than a story. In this interview, Jenny Reeder shares insights from her Emma Smith biography, First: The Life and Faith of Emma Smith.

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Joseph Smith’s King Follett Discourse: Is it Central to Latter-day Saint Doctrine?

The King Follett Discourse is one of Joseph Smith’s most well-known sermons. Many consider it the pinnacle of the Prophet’s teachings, although Joseph had previously taught most of the ideas. Interestingly, the King Follett Sermon rarely makes an appearance in general conference or other official sources. BYU philosopher James Falcouner says that its role in Latter-day Saint theology is an open question.

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Read George D. Watt’s 1851 Journal from Liverpool to Chimney Rock for the First Time

George D. Watt was the first Latter-day Saint convert baptized in the British Isles. He kept a diary as he crossed the ocean and traveled the pioneer trails on his way to Salt Lake. Watt became indispensable thanks to his expertise with Pitman shorthand, and created the Journal of Discourses. You can now read his 1851 journal, thanks to the efforts of LaJean Purcell Carruth and Ronald G. Watt.

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Here’s Why You’ll Love the Mormon History Association 2022 Conference

The 2022 Mormon History Association Conference will be held in Logan, Utah. Claudia Bushman reveals the theme and explains how to register. She also gives a sneak peek at some of this year’s research, including a panel about Carthage Jail that she says “promises to break new ground.”

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The Council of Fifty: A Constitution for the Kingdom of God

The Council of Fifty minutes reveal that Joseph Smith asked a committee to draft a replacement to the U.S. Constitution. The effort was eventually replaced by a revelation from God wherein the Prophet was told that the council itself was to be a living constitution. Legal scholar Nathan B. Oman explains what that means—and what was going on behind the scenes.

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See How the Church Changed in Remarkable ‘Saints 3’

Saints 3 is the third volume in the new official history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Scott Hales (General Editor and lead writer) and Jed Woodworth (General Editor and lead historian) discuss the Saints book and tease Saints Volume 4.

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Winter Quarters: A Pioneer Legacy of Faith

Winter Quarters played a key role in the pioneer exodus of the Latter-day Saints. As many as one thousand pioneers died during the settlement’s temporary existence. It was also there that Brigham Young received his only canonized revelation. In this interview, Richard Bennett, president of the Mormon Trail Center at Winter Quarters, discusses the history and legacy of Winter Quarters.