Andrea Brooks shares Top 5 episodes of ‘When Calls the Heart’

As we slowly ramp up towards Season 6 of “When Calls the Heart,” actress Andrea Brooks shares her five favorite episodes. 

Season 2: Heart and Home: Of course these answers will be slightly biased given that as an actor it’s difficult to divorce yourself from the final product. That said, Heart and Home is one of my favourite episodes given that it was Faith’s introduction onto the show. I had a fabulous time working with Max and Daniel. There were a lot of laughs.

Andrew Brooks on location of “When Calls the Heart,” Photo provided by Andrea Brooks

Season 3: Prayers from the Heart: The third season’s finale was very emotional and the stakes were very high after the mudslide. As always, the town pulls through and we ended with Rosemary and Lee’s wedding (the group scenes are always my favourite).

Season 4: The Heart of the Community: This episode was tons of fun because it involved the town carnival! The kissing booth scene between Faith, Wyatt, and Florence still cracks me up!

Season 4: Heart of a Secret: I really loved working on this episode, because we learn more about Faith’s past and her vulnerabilities. This is the episode where Faith and Philip go bug hunting, an activity that quickly leads to Faith and Philip’s dad, Shane, going on a date. Once again, this is a biased answer, but I truly loved seeing Faith let her guard down. In some way, I feel that Shane served to remind Faith that the idea of love is not lost.

Season 5: Close to my Heart: The season five finale was emotionally taxing for everyone involved in the show. I watched it live along with everyone else, and I don’t think I sat down once. I was on my feet pacing around, and texting cast members. What can I say… Erin’s performance was breathtaking.

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