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From the Desk: Learning by Study and Faith is an online epicenter of history and religion. We specialize in making scholarly research accessible to everyday readers, giving special attention to Latter-day Saint history. For example, we frequently update articles about Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. Our content includes a wide variety of history and religion content, and has been read by millions of readers in hundreds of publications across the world.

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Who reads From the Desk?

Millions of people from over 100 countries have read From the Desk content. While more than 100,000 users visit From the Desk directly each year, much of our readership stems from media outlets that use our content for their stories.

For example, you can see From the Desk covered in more than 600 publications, including:

  • The New York Times
  • Wikipedia
  • USA Today
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  • Patheos
  • Bustle
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  • Deseret News
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What are From the Desk’s most popular articles?

Our Top 20 articles run the gamut from Come Follow Me resources to a pioneer showdown between Jim Bridger and Brigham Young:

  1. Come Follow Me 2023: New Testament Resources (From the Desk)
  2. Russell M. Nelson Quotes (From the Desk)
  3. Has a Joseph Smith Photograph Finally Been Found? (Lachlan Mackay)
  4. The Many Legacies of Bruce R. McConkie (Dennis B. Horne)
  5. Who Was Joseph Smith and What Did He Do? (From the Desk)
  6. How Well Do You Know Brigham Young? (From the Desk)
  7. Come Follow Me 2024: Book of Mormon Resources (From the Desk)
  8. When Was Jesus Born? (Jeffrey R. Chadwick)
  9. How Did Freemasonry Influence Joseph Smith? (Cheryl Bruno)
  10. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about the Angel Moroni (From the Desk)
  11. Are There 3 Degrees of Glory Within the Celestial Kingdom? (Bryan Buchanan)
  12. The Life of Henry B. Eyring (Robert Eaton)
  13. What Did It Mean to “Shake Off the Dust of Thy Feet”? (Samuel Weber)
  14. Jim Bridger vs. Brigham Young (Jerry Enzler)
  15. Behind the Scenes of the All In Podcast with Morgan Pearson (Morgan Jones Pearson)
  16. What is the Relationship Between Freemasonry and the Temple Endowment? (Jeffrey M. Bradshaw)
  17. Wilford Woodruff and the Development of Temple Doctrine (Jennifer Mackley)
  18. What Do Forensics Say About the Purported Joseph Smith Photo? (Curtis G. Weber)
  19. Emma Smith: What Is Her Legacy? (Jenny Reeder)
  20. In Sacred Loneliness: The Documents of Joseph Smith’s Wives (Todd Compton)

What about hidden gems?

Good question. We have many articles that fall into a “diamond in the rough” category. These interviews don’t get mainstream traffic, but they’re filled with interesting nuggets:

How often does From the Desk publish new content?

From the Desk typically publishes weekly. We believe in quality over quantity—and won’t ever publish clickbait.

Do you have cornerstone content?

From the Desk has seven pieces of cornerstone content (with more on the way). These articles are updated frequently and include fascinating scholarly research about religious history:

  1. Book of Mormon
  2. Joseph Smith
  3. First Vision
  4. Brigham Young
  5. Come Follow Me 2023
  6. Book of Abraham
  7. Old Testament

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Does From the Desk have an agenda?

Yes and no. From the Desk covers interesting historical and religious topics from the perspective of believers who understand that history contains both inspiring strengths and heartbreaking weaknesses. We don’t seek out troubling issues from the past, but we cover them when they pop up. We employ a faithful “warts and all” approach that lies in between hagiography and warts-only.

We shy away from speculation, don’t cover ad hominem content, and generally avoid scholars who receive poor reports in academic peer reviews.

Who writes for From the Desk?

Kurt Manwaring is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of From the Desk. Other contributors include Jerry Winder, Chad Nielsen, and Benjamin Pacini. We’re also looking for new writers with a passion for history, a skill for writing, and a commitment to kindness.

Is From the Desk affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?


What is From the Desk‘s relationship with BYU Studies?

BYU Studies sponsors From the Desk as part of its mission to publish scholarship aligned with the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. The views expressed by interview participants do not necessarily represent those of BYU Studies or From the Desk.

Does From the Desk have inside info on forthcoming scholarship?

Yes. We frequently communicate behind the scenes with today’s leading scholars, presses, authors, historians, and administrators. You’d probably pay big bucks to see our Slack channel.

What is the featured image on About From the Desk?

The featured image on our About page is a digital copy of an Al Rounds painting entitled “South Temple 1892,” and is used by permission. The work conveys the emotion intended in much of our content, namely the beauty of the unfinished state. You can learn more about Al Rounds and his artwork at AlRounds.com.