20th Century Come Follow Me Devotional

The Many Legacies of Bruce R. McConkie

Bruce R. McConkie is the author of notable works such as “Mormon Doctrine” and “I Believe in Christ.”

Book of Abraham Cornerstone Pearl of Great Price

Book of Abraham: What Have Scholars Learned?

This article walks you through some of the latest research findings about the Book of Abraham, including exclusive From the Desk interviews.

New Testament

Reading the Gospel of John with Eric Huntsman

The Jesus in John is the most divine and the most majestic. In many ways, it is the Jesus Christ that I came to know as a young man reading the Book of Mormon.

Book of Mormon Cornerstone

What Have Scholars Learned About the Book of Mormon?

This cornerstone article compiles select findings from some of today’s most fascinating Book of Mormon research.

Come Follow Me Cornerstone Joseph Smith

Highlights From the Latest Joseph Smith Research

See what historians have to say about Joseph Smith.

Popular Articles

Our most popular articles cover topics ranging from Joseph Smith and the Brigham Young to the Dead Sea Scrolls and Siege of Masada:

Come Follow Me Latter-day Saint History

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about the Angel Moroni

The angel Moroni is a Book of Mormon prophet who appeared to Joseph Smith as a resurrected being. His influence goes far beyond the Hill Cumorah in New York.