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David Hewlett

David Hewlett is a talented actor best known for his role as Rodney McKay in the ‘Stargate’ franchise.

David James Elliott

David James Elliott is best known for his role as Harmon rabb on ‘JAG.’ He is reprising his role on ‘NCIS:LA’ amidst rumors of a ‘JAG’ revival. Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS.

Natalie McKnight

Natalie McKnight is president of the Dickens Society and professor of humanities at Boston University. Photo provided by Natalie McKnight.

RoseAnn Benson

RoseAnn Benson is the author of ‘Alexander Campbell and Joseph Smith.’ Her next article, ‘Sarah Louisa Bouton Felt: Thousands Called Her Mother,’ appears in BYU Studies, Vol. 58, No. 1. Photo provided by RoseAnn Benson.

Liz Covart

Liz Covart is a historian of Early America and host of the popular history podcast, ‘Ben Franklin’s World.’ Photo provided by Liz Covart.

Christopher Blythe

Christopher Blythe worked as an editor for the Joseph Smith Papers and currently works as a Research Associate at the Maxwell Institute. He has an essay in the latest edition of BYU Studies about a newly discovered Brigham Young revelation. Credit: Chris Blythe

T. C. Christensen

T.C. Christensen is a talented filmmaker known for movies such as “17 Miracles” and “Ephraim’s Rescue.” His next film, “The Fighting Preacher,” will debut in 2019.

David L. Roll

David L. Roll the author of the forthcoming biography, “George Marshall: Defender of the Republic’ (Penguin Random House, 2019). Credit: Beverly Rezneck.

Scott C. Esplin

Scott C. Esplin is the author of “Return to the City of Joseph: Modern Mormonism’s Contest for the Soul of Nauvoo.”

Darren Sumner

Darren Sumner is an instructor in theology and church history with special interest in christology.

Craig Bruce Smith

Craig Bruce Smith is an Assistant Professor of History and the Director of the History Program at William Woods University and the author of “American Honor: The Creation of the Nation’s Ideals during the Revolutionary Era.” Photo provided by Craig Bruce Smith.

Joshua Wolf Shenk

Joshua Wolf Shenk is the author of “Lincoln’s Melancholy: How Depression A President and Fueled His Greatness.” Photo by Greg Martin.

Max Perry Mueller

Max Perry Mueller is the author of “Race and the Making of the Mormon People.” Photo provided by Regina Mahalek, University of North Carolina Press.

John Lunn

John Lunn is a talented entertainment composer best known for his score of the “Downton Abbey” TV series and the forthcoming movie.

Tisa Wenger

Tisa Wenger is a Yale Divinity School Associate Professor of American Religious History and author of ‘Religious Freedom: The Contested History of an American Ideal.”

Andrew Walker

Andrew Walker is an actor and producer known for his roles on ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’ and numerous Hallmark movies. Photo provided by Andrew Walker.

Rod Decker

Rod Decker had a storied TV journalism career in Utah and is the author of the forthcoming book, ‘Utah Politics: The Elephant in the Room.’

Vaughn Scribner

Vaughn Scribner is the author of ‘Inn Civility: Urban Taverns and Early American Civil Society.’

Susannah Gibson

Susannah Gibson is an Affiliated Scholar of the Department of History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Cambridge and author of ‘The Spirit of Inquiry: How one extraordinary society shaped modern science’ (Oxford, 2019). Credit: Seb Falk.

Wendy Ulrich

Wendy Ulrich is a psychologist and prolific author. Her latest book is ‘Live Up to Our Privileges: Women, Power, and Priesthood’ (Deseret Book, 2019).

Tad R. Callister

Tad R. Callister is the author of ‘A Case for the Book of Mormon.’ He recently served as Sunday School General President for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Photo provided by Deseret Book.

Jedediah Rogers

Jedediah Rogers is co-managing editor of Utah Historical Quarterly and co-editor of ‘The Earth Will Appear as the Garden of Eden:Essays on Mormon Environmental History’ (University of Utah Press, 2019).

Louis Midgley

Louis C. Midgley is a retired professor of political science at BYU. Credit: Kurt Manwaring

Rick Atkinson

Rick Atkinson is the bestselling author of ‘An Army at Dawn’ (winner of the Pulitzer Prize for history). His latest book is, ‘The British Are Coming: The War for America, Lexington to Princeton, 1775-1777 .’ Credit: Elliott O’Donovan

Jodi Magness

Jodi Magness is an archeologist and scholar of religion. She is the author of ‘Masada: From Jewish Revolt to Modern Myth.’ Credit: Jim Haberman

Malka Simkovich

Malka Simkovich is the Crown-Ryan Chair of Jewish Studies and director of the Catholic-Jewish Studies program at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago. Credit: Durom Shem-Tov.

Rabbi Steven Bob

Rabbi Steven Bob served as Senior Rabbi of Congregation Etz Chaim for 35 years. His delight in the Bible, his sense of humor, his love of teaching and learning, and his ability to connect with people of all ages are some of the gifts he brings to everything he does. Credit: Beryl E. Jacobsen.

W. Paul Reeve

Paul Reeve is president of the Mormon History Association and the Simmons Professor of Mormon Studies in the History Department at the University of Utah.

Jennifer Potter

Jennifer Potter is a Royal Literary Fund Consultant Fellow and author of the forthcoming Oxford publication, “The Jamestown Brides: The Story of England’s ‘Maid’s for Virginia.'” Credit: Sam Churchill.

Lincoln Blumell

Lincoln Blumell is the editor of ‘New Testament History, Culture, and Society: A Background to the Texts of the New Testament’ (BYU Religious Studies Center, 2019). Credit: Jaren Wilkey/BYU © BYU

Katherine Kitterman

Katherine Kitterman is the Historical Director of Better Days 2020. Photo provided by Katherine Kitterman.

Dale Midkiff

Dale Midkiff starred as the godly patriarch in the ‘Love Comes Softly’ series. Photo provided by Tammy Biser.

Elizabeth Cobbs

Elizabeth Cobbs is a historian and bestselling author of several books, including ‘The Hello Girls: America’s First Women Soldiers’ (Harvard University Press).

Tony Spawforth

Tony Spawforth is the author of ‘The Story of Greece and Rome (Yale University Press, 2018)

Ken Lapatin

Ken Lapatin is curator of antiquities at the J. Paul Getty Museum and author of the forthcoming book, ‘Buried by Vesuvius: The Villa dei Papiri at Herculaneum.’ Photo provided by The Getty.