A Fourth Stargate? Paul McGillion Has Ideas.

While there’s still a big universe to explore, and plenty of stories to tell, why not bring Stargate back?

Paul McGillion was a key member of the Stargate: Atlantis cast. When Carson left Stargate, a fan movement brought him back. Now, McGillion thinks it’s time for a fourth Stargate. And he knows just how Carson should be involved.

Did Paul McGillion always want to be an actor?

I always thought I was destined to be a professional soccer player, obviously that didn’t work out! Plus I was too small for the WWE, so here I am, an actor.

When did Paul McGillion catch the acting bug?

I’m one of seven kids so I’ve been acting all my life. When I was born, my Mum said in her Scottish brogue, “Look at the head of hair on him, he looks like a wee Beatle, we’ll call him Paul.”

Well I can’t sing or play guitar,  so I guess acting’s the next best thing.

My first lead role? Grade four, I was in “Twas the Night Before Christmas,” not as Santa… the other guy.

Which Stargate: Atlantis cast member would win a wrestling contest?

Jason Momoa, myself and Joe Flanigan had a boys night out which led to much tomfoolery including a bit of grappling. I did get my hands on Jason, and if I remember correctly he had to give me a wee tap…. but let’s be honest here,  if he wanted to, he’d crush me like a grape!

Joe Flanigan’s a different story. I got him in a choke hold but he’s such a stubborn bugger, he almost passed out before he tapped out.

If you ask Joe he would say, ‘no way Pauly’, but that might just be pride talking! 😉

When did Paul McGillion learn that he was going to become a Stargate: Atlantis series regular?

After about a week of shooting the pilot, our director Martin Wood asked me to go talk to writer Damian Kindler because his episode was a big Beckett story. At that point I thought, ‘wow, this is getting interesting.’

Then along  came “Poisoning the Well,” which turned out to be very special. After that I think Beckett was very much seen as part of the Atlantis team.

What’s the most bizarre thing Paul McGillion ever saw a Stargate cast member do in between takes?

One word: ‘Duet’. ?

David Hewlett and Paul McGillion share an awkward kiss in “Duet” thanks to a creative Stargate: Atlantis script that involved switching bodies.

What did Paul McGillion think of the “Save Carson Beckett” fan campaign?

The Save Carson Beckett Campaign was phenomenal to say the least. I’ve never been so honoured in my entire life. To think a character that you play in a television series could cause such a stir, it’s something I’ll never forget.

Would Paul McGillion return for a fourth Stargate?

Would I ever return as Carson? You’re bloody right I would. Let’s do this!

What does Paul McGillion think of fan efforts to revive Stargate?

I think the drive to revive is fantastic, and it’s a testament to how much Stargate still means to people. I’ve been all over the world, and had the fortunate experience of meeting all kinds of people who have a real passion  for the show.

And if fans can bring Carson back from the dead, then anything’s possible. #ReviveStargate

In what ways is “Stargate” a family friendly program?

Thanks to “Stargate,” I’ve met and gotten to know parents and their kids who come to the conventions event each year. They love watching the show together as a family, and over the years I’ve seen those kids grow up… Some of them  are taller than me now!

I think families watching a show together these days is a rare thing, and “Stargate” really accommodates that. There’s something for everyone, of any age.

So some families watch and support a football team together, and some watch and support their favorite shows, and I think that’s really cool.

Why is now the perfect time for a fourth Stargate?

When is it not a good time for Stargate? One of the special things about the show is it always had great stories to tell, and it was pure escapism! Each episode had great values, action, adventure, humour, and let’s be honest,  the characters are always a ton of fun!

So, while there’s still a big universe to explore, and plenty of stories to tell, why not bring it back?

How would Paul McGillion write Carson Beckett into a fourth Stargate series?

It has to be something like Beckett finally finding himself a lovely wife (who doesn’t die), and making Rodney very, very, VERY jealous.

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