BYU Studies sponsors ’10 questions’ is proud to welcome BYU Studies as the sole sponsor of the History and Religion categories of the popular 10 questions interview series.

“BYU Studies is excited to partner with,” said Editor in Chief Steven C. Harper. “Kurt epitomizes what it means to us to make scholarship from many disciplines widely accessible. We eagerly await the questions he asks to his interesting guests and their answers.”

BYU Studies is proud to sponsor the History category of ’10 questions.’ Click image to see the latest interviews with scholars, authors, and professors from around the world.

In addition to making high-quality scholarship from a number of fields easily accessible to general readers via a sponsorship of 10 questions, BYU Studies continues to publish scholarship informed by the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

The organization publishes BYU Studies Quarterly – an academic journal with a focus on topics related to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The journal was first published in 1959 and now makes its articles available both in print and online.

BYU Studies also publishes full-length books such as a new biography of Martin Harris, the poetry of Eliza R. Snow, and a groundbreaking textual analysis of the Book of Mormon by Royal Skousen.

Interviews in the Religion category of ’10 questions’ are sponsored by BYU Studies. Click image to learn more about Christianity, Islam, and Judaism in a wide range of interviews.

In addition, BYU Studies is working on a multi-year New Testament commentary project designed to “combine the best of ancient linguistic and historical scholarship with Latter-day Saint doctrinal perspectives.” Several volumes of the BYU New Testament Commentary are available and more are slated for publication. The series also includes an online “Ask An Author” feature in which anyone can submit questions for the numerous scholars working on the project.

The BYU Studies website provides online access to journal articles, books, daily features and more. Interested readers may sign-up for a weekly or monthly email.

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