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Come Follow Me 2024: Book of Mormon Resources

The Come Follow Me 2024 Sunday School lessons focus on the Book of Mormon. We’ve put together this library of study helps that cover everything from the translation of the Book of Mormon to the theology taught by Jesus Christ in 3 Nephi. We’ve also got each week’s reading schedule with links to the Church website.

Brigham Young

What Do Historians Think About Brigham Young?

Brigham Young is one of the most well-known figures in the history of the American West. The first man to become President of the Church after the death of Joseph Smith, Young left behind a legacy in which he was known both as a “Lion of the Lord” and “Brother Brigham”—two distinct aspects of his personality. This article breaks down some of the most important historical research about Brigham Young’s wives, church presidency, teachings, and more.


A King James Vocabulary Lesson

In 2011, the Christian world celebrated the four-hundredth anniversary of the publication of the King James translation of the English Bible. The King James Version (KJV) has survived well and continues to stand as one of the more literal English translations. But as with all translations, any modern rendition of biblical language is accurate and fully dependable only “as far as it is translated correctly” (A of F 1:8).

Ancient history Old Testament

Did the Jerusalem Temple Really Have Treasures?

The Jerusalem Temple treasures are rumored to have been hidden or stolen in association with conflicts like the First Jewish Revolt—if they existed at all. Interestingly, archaeological evidence such as the Arch of Titus suggests that Romans absconded with riches like a menorah. A Hebrew text called Massekhet Kelim also leaves tantalizing clues—and is (mis)used as a treasure map by modern enthusiasts. In this interview, biblical scholar Elena Dugan explains more.

Come Follow Me Latter-day Saint History

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Angel Moroni

The angel Moroni is a Book of Mormon prophet who appeared to Joseph Smith as a resurrected being. His influence goes far beyond the Hill Cumorah in New York. For example, pioneers spoke about Moroni more often than the First Vision. And today, there are dozens of angel Moroni statues atop Latter-day Saint temples throughout the world.

Latter-day Saint History

Who Was John A. Widtsoe?

John A. Widtsoe was an apostle, a scientist, and an administrator in the early twentieth century. In those roles, he revolutionized dry-climate farming, served as president of two universities, and became a notable theologian in Latter-day Saint history. He was also the grandson-in-law of Brigham Young. This interview with Thomas G. Alexander discusses John A. Widtsoe.

Book of Mormon

What Are the “I AM” Statements of Jesus in the Book of Mormon?

The Book of Mormon contains a unique literary witness of the Savior. While the Gospel of John is known for “I AM” statements of Jesus (like “I am the Bread of Life” or “I am the Door”), the Book of Mormon also has similar divine declarations. In some cases, they line up neatly with the Old Testament and New Testament. In others, they represent unique titles for Jesus Christ found only in Restoration scripture. In this interview, Joshua Matson expounds on the first-ever published study of I AM statements of Jesus in the Book of Mormon.

Come Follow Me Cornerstone Joseph Smith

Highlights From the Latest Joseph Smith Research

Joseph Smith has been a fascinating figure since the day of his “First Vision” in 1820. Scholars and believers continue to ask questions about the Prophet’s character, his use of gold plates to translate the Book of Mormon, his relationship with Emma Smith—and much more. This article presents snapshots of academic and devotional insights about the life and teachings of Joseph Smith Jr.


The 51 Best Harold B. Lee Quotes

Harold B. Lee quotes are still relevant decades after his passing. In addition to authoring books such as Stand Ye in Holy Places, President Lee also gave many general conference addresses and BYU devotionals (similar to Russell M. Nelson quotes). To this day, he’s known for saying that the most important work you will ever do will be “be within the walls of your own homes.” This page features quotes from Harold B. Lee on a variety of topics, including the role of the Church, missionary work, the plan of salvation, welfare, and more. Please leave a comment if there’s a quote you’d like considered for inclusion.


Jeffrey R. Holland Talks, Books, and Devotionals

Jeffrey R. Holland talks run the gamut from books and BYU devotionals to Face-to-Face events and general conference talks. We even reference his teachings about the Book of Mormon in our Come Follow Me 2024 Resources. Use the links in this article to find the President Holland talks you’re looking for.