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What Do Historians Think About Brigham Young?

Brigham Young is one of the most well-known figures in the history of the American West. The first man to become President of the Church after the death of Joseph Smith, Young left behind a legacy in which he was known both as a “Lion of the Lord” and “Brother Brigham”—two distinct aspects of his personality. This article breaks down some of the most important historical research about Brigham Young’s wives, church presidency, teachings, and more.

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Joseph Smith: As Seen by Historians

Joseph Smith has been a fascinating figure since the day of his “First Vision” in 1820. Scholars and believers continue to ask questions about the Prophet’s character, his use of golden plates to translate the Book of Mormon, his relationship with Brigham Young and Emma Smith—and much more. This article presents snapshots of academic and devotional insights about the life and teachings of Joseph Smith Jr.

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How Did Early Latter-day Saints React to D&C 76?

Joseph Smith recognized that preparation to receive an expansive view of the afterlife as presented in the Vision was still limited. Later, he acknowledged: “I could explain a hundred fold more than I ever have of the glories of the kingdoms manifested to me in the vision, were I permitted, and were the people prepared to receive them.”

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How Did the Urim and Thummim in the Bible Work?

When the Urim and Thummim are identified [in the Old Testament] with the gems of the breastpiece, light is often associated with them. 4QpIsa i 4–6 can be interpreted in this way. Josephus clearly links a miraculous light with the divine revelation. The oracular shining or dimming of a stone on the breastpiece is also found in subsequent Jewish and Samaritan tradition.


Uplifting Books and Talks by Brad Wilcox (2024)

The most well-known talk by Brad Wilcox is “His Grace Is Sufficient.” The Brother Wilcox lecture still holds the record as the most popular BYU Devotional of all time. His profile has further grown since his call to the Young Men General Presidency. This article helps you find Brad R. Wilcox teachings on many topics you see in Russell M. Nelson quotes, including grace, morality, and scriptures. We include his talks, books, podcasts, and more.

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Book of Abraham: What Have Scholars Learned?

The Book of Abraham is a volume of holy scripture translated by Joseph Smith. The text is unique because we possess some of the Egyptian papyri the Prophet may have used during his translation. However, the text on extant fragments doesn’t align with what’s found in the book—and that’s led to many debates. Ultimately, the Church says that the book’s power lies in study, prayer, and personal revelation. This article walks you through some of the latest research findings, including exclusive From the Desk interviews.

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Come Follow Me 2024: Book of Mormon Resources

The Come Follow Me 2024 Sunday School lessons focus on the Book of Mormon. We’ve put together this library of study helps that cover everything from the gold plates and translation of the Book of Mormon to the theology taught by Jesus Christ in 3 Nephi. We’ve also got each week’s reading schedule with links to the Church website.

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What Does Mosiah Contribute to Theology?

The Book of Mosiah is a theologically rich collection of stories and sermons in the Book of Mormon. The sermon of King Benjamin, the story of Abinadi, and the conversion of Alma1 all bring some important thoughts to the table. This interview with James E. Faulconer discusses some of the theological contributions in the Book of Mosiah.


Reading the Bible Through the Septuagint

Here is a question. If you are trying to do any kind of serious research into ancient documents, why would you ever prefer to use a translation, rather than the original texts themselves? In the case of the Bible, however, there is one translation that it really pays to know. Often, when we read Scriptures, we might debate exactly how they were read and understood in very early times. In the case of the Septuagint, we have a reliable snapshot of just how Jewish people did just that at a particular moment in time, and the resulting picture is often startling.

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Who Is Melchizedek in the Dead Sea Scrolls?

Melchizedek is a fragmentary exegetical work from the Dead Sea Scrolls collection (11QMelch) that may be classified as a thematic pesher.1 The author quotes or alludes to biblical passages2 and reveals their true hidden meaning in connection with his main theme: the eschatological victory of good over evil.