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Joseph Smith: As Seen by Historians

Joseph Smith has been a fascinating figure since the day of his “First Vision” in 1820. Scholars and believers continue to ask questions about the Prophet’s character, his use of golden plates to translate the Book of Mormon, his relationship with Brigham Young and Emma Smith—and much more. This article presents snapshots of academic and devotional insights about the life and teachings of Joseph Smith Jr.

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What Do Historians Think About Brigham Young?

Brigham Young is one of the most well-known figures in the history of the American West. The first man to become President of the Church after the death of Joseph Smith, Young left behind a legacy in which he was known both as a “Lion of the Lord” and “Brother Brigham”—two distinct aspects of his personality. This article breaks down some of the most important historical research about Brigham Young’s wives, church presidency, teachings, and more.

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Did Hugh Nibley Fake His Notes?

Those of us who have spent hours tracking down Hugh Nibley sources have become firmly convinced that nothing was made up or fabricated. Even if we were ultimately unable to find a quotation, we always knew it existed somewhere.

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Book of Abraham: What Have Scholars Learned?

The Book of Abraham is a volume of holy scripture translated by Joseph Smith. The text is unique because we possess some of the Egyptian papyri the Prophet may have used during his translation. However, the text on extant fragments doesn’t align with what’s found in the book—and that’s led to many debates. Ultimately, the Church says that the book’s power lies in study, prayer, and personal revelation. This article walks you through some of the latest research findings, including exclusive From the Desk interviews.

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The Final Letters Between Eugene England and Neal A. Maxwell

Except for a few sporadic entries, Eugene England’s diary comes to an end in these months. His personal papers, however, reveal a spiritual torment that occludes all other concerns in his life.

Ancient history

What Are the Copper Scrolls?

The Copper Scrolls were discovered as part of the Dead Sea Scrolls at Qumran. As the name implies, these scrolls were written on copper (rather than animal skin or papyrus). Curiously, the Copper Scrolls detail the supposed location of hidden Jerusalem temple treasures—and they’ve even been used as a treasure map by fortune hunters. In this interview, the noted scholar George J. Brooke explains more.

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What Is the Dispensation of the Gospel of Abraham?

The restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ in this final dispensation included the restoration of the Abrahamic Covenant, the renewal of God’s promises to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and their almost limitless posterity. Those promises are set forth in the Old Testament (Genesis 13:14-16; 15:1-6; 17:1-8; 26:1-5; 28:1-4). In many ways, however, the promises are stated with greater clarity in the Book of Abraham, as contained in the Pearl of Great Price. Here Abraham is promised that if he and his posterity remain faithful to God, they will be given the gospel, the priesthood, an endless and eternal posterity, eternal life, the continuation of the family into eternity (exaltation), and a land inheritance (Abraham 2:8-11, 19). These are “the promises made to the fathers,” to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (see Joseph Smith-History 1:38-39 and D&C 2; compare D&C 27:10).


Jeffrey R. Holland Talks, Books, and Devotionals

Jeffrey R. Holland talks run the gamut from books and BYU devotionals to Face-to-Face events and general conference talks. We even reference his teachings about the Book of Mormon in our Come Follow Me 2024 Resources. Use the links in this article to find the President Holland talks you’re looking for.

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A Cultural History of the Gold Plates

A new book by Richard Bushman seeks to uncover the cultural history of Joseph Smith’s gold plates. As a biographer of Joseph Smith, Bushman has thought about the role of the plates for decades. He believes that they were real, but also points out that they are mysterious. In this interview, he shares thoughts about how they’ve been viewed by scholars, portrayed by artists, and contextualized by the church.

Ancient history

How Did Early Christians Observe the Sabbath?

The exact ways in which Christians have observed the Sabbath Day or the Lord’s Day have varied, even after the time of the New Testament. There are also specific reasons why Sabbath observance has been tied to both Saturday and Sunday. In this interview, Jason R. Combs discusses how ancient Christians observed the Sabbath or the Lord’s Day.